Playground Proms

June 15th 2024

What are Playground Proms?  

PLAYGROUND PROMS are arena-style classical music workshops delivered directly to  primary schools by specially trained professional GRAFFITI CLASSICS musicians.  The comedy string quartet will perform classical music in a fun way to create an  inspirational educational experience.  

• Performances last one hour. 

• Suitable for primary schools – KS1 and KS2.  

• Tailored Proms for special schools.  

• Dalcroze sessions in advance of main performances with a specialist practitioner.  

• The whole school can attend as it is performed in the school playground (or hall if  the weather is poor). 

• Schools learn an anthem, especially written for Playground Proms, and are invited  to add their own lyrics and perform it during the workshop with the musicians. All the resources are provided. • Resource packs for teachers and children are provided. 

• CPD session for school teachers are provided. 

• Taster sessions for instrumental tuition are provided by any participating music  hubs. 

• Playground Proms provide their own PA and other equipment.  

• Pop-up performances for participants, their friends and families and the general  community following the week’s residency.

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